Privacy Manager App

Easy to use and cost-efficient privacy compliance management software tool for any organization that wants to comply with rules and regulations in the fields of Privacy, Data Protection  & Security

Privacy Consultancy Services (PCS) count on many years of experience in Privacy, Data Protection and Security in many jurisdictions. This is the basis for our Privacy Manager tool.  We use our experience from large-scale audits and projects to offer smaller, pragmatic/standard products and services that can help your organisation to meet current market standards while enjoying the ease of our software tooling.

The Privacy Manager tool is constantly updated on the basis of latest developments, new knowledge, experience and advice from the authorities to ensure a high (national and international) standard.

Out cutting edge Privacy Manager tool covers all requirements to set up and implement regulations or models. In addition, we add value by including compliance manuals with clear instructions in our solutions. These contain information to optimize the use of the Privacy Manager. We not only focus on the legal aspects, t also cover security, IT, AI, Ethics related changes. We believe that this is the only long term sustainable solution and way forward to cover all privacy, data protection & security risks as per Indian laws and regulation and the way of choice to save significant compliance costs while remaining compliant for years to come.

Privacy Manager App for many roles and responsibilities

The unique Privacy Manager App is an easy-to-use solution for many roles and responsibilities to be covered by any Indian company, such as (to name a few):

  • Data Protection Officers of companies   
  • Compliance Officers of companies or companies doing business 
  • Security Officer of companies   
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) of companies 
  • Chartered Accountants (CAs) of companies  
  • Legal Consultants of companies  
  • Business Consultants of companies 
  • Management Consultants of companies 
  • Company lawyers of companies  
  • Privacy project managers of companies  
  • Implementation managers of companies  

Free modules of the Privacy Manager App

Are your interested to acquire access to this ground breaking privacy management tool for free? For you getting more familiar with our top-notch solutions we are offering a free version of the PM App for companies who are interested in acquiring a unique EU registered GDPR Compliance Certificate issued by Privacy Compliance Services (PCS). To acquire free access to the PM App please send an email to: to share your interest. After the official launch date, we will send you all login details needed.   

Compliance Modules of the Privacy Manager App

Our PM Development team is constantly improving and adding new modules, tools and features of your Privacy Manager App.

  1.   Preparation Toolkit (free access, free use of templates)
  2.   Compliance Readiness Scan
  3.   Compliance Assessment Scan
  4.   Compliance Gap-Analysis Scan
  5.   Compliance Evaluation & Actualisation Tool
  6.   Compliance Maturity Scan
  7.   Compliance Resolution Scan
  8.   Compliance Reporting Tool
  9.   Compliance Auditing Tool
  10.   Compliance Certificate issued by Privacy Consultancy Services (PCS)