DPO Services


Outstanding certified DPO Services

Our DPO services provides you with a certified (junior, medior or senior) Data Protection Officer (DPO) who works onsite or offsite as an integral member of your team.

You benefit from a knowledgeable, hands-on data protection professional who undertakes the DPO’s responsibilities in an extremely cost-effective way, and is backed by the support, shared best practice and model documentation developed by our highly valued DPO Center for Excellence.

Providing a piece of mind with our DPO Services

  1. DPO-As-A-Service
  2. Outsourced DPO
  3. Interim DPO
  4. EU DPOs for non-EU companies
  5. Representatives  for non-EU companies
  6. DPOs for companies outside the EU
  7. DPO Legal Training
  8. DPO Team Assistants
  9. DPO Traineeships
  10. DPO International Traineeships