Legal Training



Certified legal privacy and data protection courses and training programs

Our seasoned certified internationally trained senior privacy and data protection experts have for many years been involved with conducting pioneering privacy and data protection trainings and webinars to share many years of privacy, data protection and security experience with many students, employees and colleagues. Among the best sellers are:

  1. Complete Self-Study Certified Data Protection Officer (GDPR – EIPACC CDPO)
  2. Certified Soft Skills Training for the Data Protection Officer (GDPR – EIPACC CDPO)
  3. Privacy and Data Protection, Certified GDPR Compliance 
  4. Certified Indian Data Protection Officer (CIDPO)
  5. Certified Indian Data Protection – GDPR Comparison Course
  6. Certified Classroom Training and Courses
  7. Certified e-Learning Training and Courses
  8. Certified 24/7 Learning Solutions
  9. Certified Free Webinars
  10. Business Academy

Business Academy: Providing a piece of privacy mind

Thanks to our fully customizable certified incompany courses and training programs we provide a peace of mind to your employees when it comes to necessary expertise for processing of personal data.

Employees must be able to concentrate on their core business activities. We offer this by organizing processes in a clear and intuitive way. We assume a collaborative approach in which we optimize the processes surrounding secure data management within and outside of your organisation. In addition, we pay extensive attention to natural awareness among your employees.

Competitive and regulatory privacy advantage

Privacy Consultancy Services (PCS) helps organizations towards a safer and more privacy-conscious environment. Both online and offline. The power of our Business Academy lies in combining and integrating compliance, information management and technology. We turn existing challenges into assets enabling your business to leverage on privacy awareness and compliance as a competitive advantage.

Our leading industry expert groups 

Our privacy legal experts and privacy lawyers have been building an in-depth understanding and knowledge about the particular difficulties of privacy and privacy law in various industries. From a business perspective Privacy Consultancy Services (PCS) is organized along the following privacy legal expert groups.

  1. Privacy Expert Group IT Outsourcing
  2. Privacy Expert Group Software & Technology
  3. Privacy Expert Group Medical & Healthcare
  4. Privacy Expert Group Pharma
  5. Privacy Expert Group Life Sciences
  6. Privacy Expert Group Artificial Intelligence
  7. Privacy Expert Group Universities & Business Schools
  8. Privacy Expert Group Education & Schools
  9. Privacy Expert Group Business Services
  10. Privacy Expert Group Retail & eCommerce
  11. Privacy Expert Group Finance & Insurance
  12. Privacy Expert Group Marketing and Media
  13. Privacy Expert Group Travel & Tourism
  14. Privacy Expert Group Entertainment