Security Services

Security legal compliance with data protection laws

Security legal compliance with personal data protection laws represents a value to the organization that processes them. Processing of personal data also causes a significant liability due to the risks brought upon on the privacy and data protection of data subjects.

Legally secured personal data can be useful for administrative or commercial purpose, or may even contribute to their image. 

Security breaches in data protection can also cause physical injury, material and moral damage. Finally they have a value for others. This includes a market value if they are exploited for commercial purposes (spam, targeted advertising…), or a nuisance value in the case of unfair actions (discrimination, refusal of access to benefits, dismissal…) or malicious actions (identity theft, defamation, threats, blackmail, burglary, assault…).

PCS Security Legal Services

As per data protection laws and regulations data protection security must meet all relevant legal requirements of appropriateness. Our much valued security legal services expand to:

  1. Legal Security Compliance Scans of your Company Policies and Procedures
  2. Information Security Management System (ISMS) Legal Reviews
  3. Contractual Clauses Legal Security Reviews
  4. Transfer of Personal Data Legal Security Compliance Checks
  5. AI-driven App Legal Security Compliance Scans
  6. Legal Security Compliance Gap-Analysis
  7. Data Protection Legal Security Training
  8. Identity Legal Security Scans
  9. Web Legal Security Reviews
  10. Legal Security Customized Services