How can our legal privacy and data protection consultants serve you?

Many companies need certified legal advisors who can assist with day-to-day activities as well as corporate life events across many jurisdictions. Privacy Consultancy Services provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions, offering cost-effective support for all legal matters, across many industries.

Our team of professionals offer a complete suite of solutions to financial services industry participants. We assist in both local and cross-border projects with a multidisciplinary approach.

Business Integrity

We offer a cross border perspective for wide range of services, from general consultancy, prevention and compliance in all privacy and data protection legal matters, to assistance and representation during investigations or in court. We bring an integrated view to mitigate the legal exposure of companies and representatives and to avoid significant costs in legal proceedings.

Capital Markets

We assist on public offerings, designing and implementing acquisition structures of publicly traded companies and represent the clients’ interests in front of Data Protection Authorities.  

Industry Expertise

Our team is dedicated to ensure full legal services across many industries. Benefiting from industry specialization and expertise from privacy, data protection, security laws and many other law practice areas, we have developed an increased area of expertise in major sectors like IT Outsourcing, Software & Technology, Medical & Healthcare, Pharma, Life Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Universities and Business Schools, Education & Schools, Finance & Insurance, Marketing and Media, Business Services, Retail and FMCG.


Our legal professionals are adept at serving clients with various legal needs related to technology, including hardware, software, internet, technology services and clean tech. We are also equipped to cater to the marketing and media legal matters in advertising, marketing, cable, broadcasting, electronic games, information services, movies, music and online media, as well as to the telecom industry in wireline, wireless, satellite and telecommunication equipment. We also provide comprehensive advice on data security.


Managing a business today is complex. Leaders need guidance on a broad range of activities including privacy and data protection business requirements, trading activities of an entity, expansion efforts, dissolving or unwinding of a business as well as general questions arising from day-to-day operational privacy and data protection activities.


Companies are facing an increasing number of business challenges globally, including complex privacy and data protection laws and regulations. Seasoned privacy and data protection legal consultants bring a practical focus and can help clients meet these challenges and develop commercial solutions. We are used to working together as part of cross-border teams to serve the needs of global clients but we are also very much tuned-in to the local privacy and data protection laws and practice specifics. Our legal consultants work as part of multi-disciplinary teams together with tax, consulting, risk, and financial advisory teams and sector specialists. This helps them bring a business perspective and ensure all relevant privacy and data protection angles are covered.

Merger & Acquisitions

Our legal privacy and data protection expert group advises on the privacy due diligence side of structuring and restructuring of investments, transfers of activities, mergers, de-mergers, incorporated or non-incorporated joint ventures, including formation, corporate governance, minority rights, deadlock resolution and exit. Our M&A privacy lawyers assist either the buyer or the seller during the entire process.

Employment Law & Benefits

PCS privacy and data protection lawyers cover all types of assistance from compliance and day-to-day HR matters to specific labor assistance during transactions and litigation support. If need be, we offer cross border assistance,  litigation assistance including pre-litigation assistance.

ESG Privacy and Data Protection

PCS privacy and data protection consultants are appreciated for their expertise in provide compliance reports for companies and investors as per ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) barometers. Venture Capitalist consult regularly with PCS expert groups in the fields.

Restructuring, Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Our team of privacy and data protection professionals specialized in insolvency matters, with an intimate understanding of various types of (personal data involving) contracts, industries and businesses, provides specialized legal assistance for both debtors and creditors.

Dispute resolution & Mediation

Our team assists in various proceedings before all levels of jurisdiction including Arbitration Courts and Mediation Committees. Our privacy and data protection lawyers are specialized in a wide range of disputes, covering commercial disputes, and administrative litigations, public procurement related disputes or competition law.

Significant experience for your value creation

Through the years we have worked with many clients and gained significant experience in providing top-notch privacy legal services adding value to many companies. 

  1. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal advisory services
  2. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal representation
  3. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal mediation and arbitration
  4. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal governance
  5. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal assessments
  6. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal checks
  7. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal training
  8. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal implementation
  9. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal compliance
  10. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal management
  11. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal auditing
  12. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal certification

Unique value of our legal services

  • Qualified and certified professional team providing top-notch legal services 
  • Highly cost effective
  • On-tap resources
  • Pragmatic, straightforward, solution driven advice
  • Consultant DPO works on-site as part of your team (anywhere in the world)
  • Experience and shared best practices gained from clients around the globe
  • Validated implementation methodologies
  • Profound knowledge of Indian Laws cross-referenced with the local laws and regulations

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