Benefit from our industry expertise

Our clients benefit from our dedicated and specialized privacy and data protection industry expertise understanding specific laws, needs, requirements and best practices developed according to relevant industry standards and in consultation with appropriate authorities, to provide clients with leading practices and the most advanced thinking in the field.


The Indian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) adds additional complexity to legal compliance challenges of many Indian sectoral laws. Many of PDPA’s requirements are complementary to existing legislation but special attention must be made to personal data protection.

Many companies often process large amounts of personal data, often of a sensitive nature.  Particular attention must be paid to ensure it is only used for the intended purpose, that it is only shared in a controlled way and that it is retained and disposed of appropriately and in a timely fashion.

The use of data for profiling is also strictly legislated under the PDPA for all sectors. Especially the following legal sector are supposed to pay attention (are allied) to the PDPA.

  1. Information Technology Law 
  2. Taxation Law
  3. Criminal Law
  4. International Relations Law
  5. Health Laws 
  6. Intellectual Property Laws 
  7. Commercial Laws
  8. Labour and Employment Laws
  9. Corporate Laws
  10. Financial Laws
  11. Aadhaar Act
  12. Consumer Protection Act
  13. Right to Information Act
  14. Telecom Act


From a business perspective Privacy Consultancy Services (PCS) is organized along the following privacy legal expert groups.

  1.  Privacy Expert Group IT Outsourcing
  2. Privacy Expert Group Software & Technology
  3. Privacy Expert Group Medical & Healthcare
  4. Privacy Expert Group Pharma
  5. Privacy Expert Group Life Sciences
  6. Privacy Expert Group Artificial Intelligence
  7. Privacy Expert Group Universities & Business Schools
  8. Privacy Expert Group Education & Schools
  9. Privacy Expert Group Business Services
  10. Privacy Expert Group Retail & eCommerce
  11. Privacy Expert Group Finance & Insurance
  12. Privacy Expert Group Marketing and Media
  13. Privacy Expert Group Travel & Tourism
  14. Privacy Expert Group Entertainment