Legal Assessments

Privacy Legal Assessments effectively protecting your business

A privacy legal assessment (or opinion letter) is a verbal or written objective interpretation or analysis of a privacy legal position by a professional legal privacy practitioner which is intended to be relied on by the person to whom it is addressed. In other words, a privacy legal opinion is the opinion of a particular privacy legal practitioner about the application of privacy and data protection law to a particular set of facts and usually contains conclusions or recommendations. Basically it is a statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter.

How your business benefits from our legal assessments

What is the purpose of an opinion issued by a privacy legal expert? This depends on your business need to acquire specific privacy and data protection insights such as:

  • Know the privacy legal effect of a transaction or matter 
  • Identify privacy legal risks that you should consider further and manage 
  • Prove to a privacy regulator that you have been responsible in how you have applied the law
  • Back up your argument in favor of privacy legal compliance
  • Prove to a customer that your offering is data privacy compliant 
  • Convince someone (a contractual party) to implement additional privacy measures
  • Be able to prepare your business for privacy audits
  • And many more 

Characteristics of professional legal privacy assessments

Our professional legal assessments are practical and written in plain language with not difficult actions to take. We always provide an executive summary with a short clear answer. The details follow in the body of the assessment. When we draft legal assessments we set out the facts, the relevant law, and then we apply the law to the facts.

We also usually give you a list of decision or actions you can take based on our legal assessment. We aspire to provide an answer to your question and provide you with practical advice that you can use to in a meaningful way. Our legal assessments provide for an objective analysis. 

How our privacy legal privacy experts can serve you

Our privacy legal assessments are valued to be practical and enabling to make good decisions and follow the right course of action. For our privacy legal experts to be of value to your we operate as per the following steps.

  1. Identification of the legal assessment needed (in a joint effort).  
  2. PCS will provide you with a quote for the same.
  3. Fact finding relevant for the privacy legal assessment required.
  4. Perform our research and analysis.
  5. Conclude as per findings.
  6. Privacy legal assessment is drafted and sent to client for feedback.

Privacy legal assessments, legal opinions and interpretations

We have conducted many privacy legal assessments on privacy, data protection and the protection of personal information. Our privacy legal assessments are valued by data protection authorities or a court that may have to rule on any point of privacy and data protection law. Sometimes we provide interpretations (rather than assessments) because of no precedents.

A privacy and data protection interpretation portrays a particular way of interpreting the law (or applies the principles to your business activities). Basically it comes down to an argument your business could use to explain to anyone why your company is acting in compliance with laws of privacy and data protection. We have covered various questions or points, including (for example):

  1. Who falls within the definition of a customer?
  2. When is a transfer to another country lawful?
  3. Whether a product or service is lawful?
  4. Whether a certain digital direct marketing activity is allowed?
  5. How to value an ‘appropriate privacy measure’?
  6. What is needed for automated decision making to be in compliance with the law?
  7. And many others privacy and data protection questions

Significant experience for your value creation

Through the years we have worked with many clients and gained significant experience in providing top-notch privacy legal services adding value to many companies. 

  1. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal advisory services
  2. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal representation
  3. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal mediation and arbitration
  4. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal governance
  5. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal assessments
  6. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal checks
  7. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal training
  8. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal implementation
  9. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal compliance
  10. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal management
  11. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal auditing
  12. Privacy, Data protection and Security legal certification

Unique value of our legal services

  • Qualified and certified professional team providing top-notch legal services 
  • Highly cost effective
  • On-tap resources
  • Pragmatic, straightforward, solution driven advice
  • Consultant DPO works on-site as part of your team (anywhere in the world)
  • Experience and shared best practices gained from clients around the globe
  • Validated implementation methodologies
  • Profound knowledge of Indian Laws cross-referenced with the local laws and regulations

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