Outsourced DPO

Professional Outsourcing of your DPO

Our valued Data Protection Officer service delivers flexible, tailored data protection support, advice and expertise to your organisation, wherever you need one in the world.

The service provides you with highly experienced and certified Data Protection Officers (DPOs) who work on your site as an integral member of your team of if need off site.

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing your DPO role to our Privacy Consultancy Services (PCS). We have highlighted a few below.


Why engage with our outsourced Data Protection Officers

  1. Our DPOs provide data protection related services to a wide variety of sectors.  This means our team draws upon a breadth of knowledge far deeper than would be possible for a small team or a single individual to acquire and maintain.
  2. Unlike other outsourced providers, our DPOs work with you at your offices as an integral member of your team, become immersed in your culture and take a proactive, rather than reactive approach to your requirements.
  3. Your DPO will be drawn from a team of DPOs, so they benefit from being able to consult with and draw knowledge from their team colleagues such that any interpretations of law and decisions made are derived from a far wider and greater faceted knowledge base.
  4. You benefit from our constantly evolving and improving central pool of processes and proven model documentation.  This means our DPO spends only the time necessary to tailor them to your requirements, rather than having to research and create them from scratch.
  5. Being part of a wider team means that additional resources can be brought in as and when required.
  6. Our DPO Expert Team has knowledge of numerous privacy and data protection laws and compliance tools, vendors and software solutions, so can provide informed guidance, reduced decision time and improved choice.
  7. Your primary DPO takes responsibility for the role and (at no additional cost) is supported by assistant DPOs who steps in when required, therefore ensuring a seamless service and removing the distraction, cost and inconvenience of recruiting replacements.
  8. You pay only for your DPO for time serviced and you never need to meet the cost of ongoing training, benefits packages, absence, holidays or sickness, and you avoid all employment liabilities.
  9. The quality of DPO services delivered to you is monitored by our team of Expert DPOs maintaining high quality standards, therefore providing the oversight that ensures we always deliver an appropriate, structured, co-ordinated and quality-driven service.
  10. Our certified DPOs follow a tried-and-tested range of duties from certified Work Plans that have been developed through working with our wide-range of clients from different sectors.

Fundamentally, we believe that all these benefits combined mean that our outsourced DPO provides far greater value for this key role than is possible from a small team, a single independent contractor or an internal employee.